What is Paratransit Service?

Island Paratransit is a curb-to-curb service for registered, eligible persons of disability who are unable to use the regular bus service. Island Paratransit is based upon the same days and hours, by route structure, as the regular scheduled route service. The basic service is a corridor centered on the scheduled route and extending 3/4ths of a mile on either side of the route. New applicants that are certified eligible, must come in-bounds to an approved location in order to receive service. If interested in finding out more about this service, call (800) 240-8747, or (360) 678-7771. TTY: 771 or (800) 833-6384.

Please use Island Paratransit procedures so that we serve all passengers efficiently. Scroll down to read the full procedures.



For More Information, Contact:

Dee Wells, Specialized Services Coordinator

Email: dwells @islandtransit.org

Main Office: (360) 678-7771 / Toll Free: (800) 240-8747.  Press '"0" and ask for Dee.


Download and print a paratransit application here. Once completed, mail or hand deliver to:

Island Paratransit

19758 SR 20

Coupeville, WA 98239

ATTN:  Special Services Coordinator


Please mark envelope "Confidential". 


Facsimiles are not accepted.


The certification process may take up to 21 days after we receive your completed application. Island Transit may require verification by a medical professional or other person familiar with your condition.  Recertification of eligibility will occur periodically.


Island Transit Notice of Privacy Practices.

Island Transit Specialized Paratransit Services Policy, effective July 1, 2016.

(Resolution No. 9-16)


General Info about Island Paratransit

What is Curb-to-Curb Service?
What is a PCA?
How do I Know if I'm Eligible?
Trip Purpose
Hours and Days of Service for Paratransit
Island Paratransit is Fare Free!

Planning Your Rides

How do I Book a Ride?
Response Time
What Time Will You Pick Me Up?
Do I Have to Transfer Buses?
How Many Rides am I Allowed?
What is the Service Area?

Canceling Your Trip

Do I Need to Cancel my Trip?
What is a "No-Show"?
What is a Late Cancel?

If Your Service is Suspended

What does Suspension of Service Mean?
Criteria for Denying Service
What Appeals Process is Available?

WHAT IS CURB-TO-CURB SERVICE? Curb-to-curb service means we will pick you up at the curb where you are to be picked up at, and deliver you to your destination at the curb. We cannot go inside of your house to get you, and we do not take you inside your destination. We provide transportation services only.

WHAT IS A PCA? A PCA (Personal Care Attendant) is a person traveling as an aide to facilitate travel for a person with a disability. A PCA must board and disembark at the same location as the disabled person.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I'M ELIGIBLE? You are eligible if you cannot board, ride or disembark from our regular fixed route buses due to a disability. Also, persons are eligible who have a specific impairment-related condition due to a disability which prevents them from getting to or from a fixed-route bus stop.

Please note that all Island Transit fixed route service coaches are 100% wheelchair accessible.

TRIP PURPOSE: There will be no restrictions or priorities based on trip purpose.

HOURS AND DAYS OF SERVICE FOR PARATRANSIT: Complementary Paratransit service will operate the same hours as fixed route service Monday through Friday.  No Saturday or Sunday service.

ISLAND PARATRANSIT IS FARE FREE! Like all Island Transit services, Island Paratransit is fare free. A sales tax of 9/10ths of 1% is collected to support transit in the service area. This equals 90 cents of sales tax for every $100 purchase.

HOW DO I BOOK A RIDE? To book a ride, call the number on the back of your Paratransit Card, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:00 PM, at least one day in advance. Island Transit is closed Saturday and Sunday, so you need to call on Friday by 3:00 PM to book a ride for Monday.  If a return trip is requested, be sure to tell the dispatcher when you call. Also, when you book a ride to a doctor's office, we need to know how long the appointment will be, so that we can arrange for an operator to pick you up. We will need the following information:

Your name
Your pick-up address
The date of your planned trip
The time of your appointment
The complete address of your destination
Any special needs, such as assistance to / from vehicle
Whether an attendant or guest will be riding with you
Whether a service animal will accompany you
When you would like to be picked up for your return
How many stops you will need to make

RESPONSE TIME: Next day service is provided at a minimum. Requests for service will be taken during normal administrative hours, which are 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Riders will be permitted to place trip requests up to 14 days in advance. Pick-up times will be negotiated with riders to make scheduling more efficient. Changes in requested departure times of up to one hour can be required. Changes beyond an hour must be agreed to by the rider.

WHAT TIME WILL YOU PICK ME UP? The dispatcher is finished scheduling the trips at 4:00 PM. Please call for your pick-up time between 4:00 PM  and 6:00 PM the night before to confirm your pick-up time.

We ask that you be ready 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled pick-up time in case the operator is there early. Because of the high demand for this specialized service, the bus cannot wait for you, and another bus will not be sent in its place.  We have a one hour window to negotiate your pick-up time. If we are busy at the time you need us, we might have to pick you up earlier than requested, but not more than one hour early (not including travel time).

DO I HAVE TO TRANSFER BUSES? There may be times that Island Paratransit will take you to the regular fixed route bus, as an example, going from Freeland to Oak Harbor. We will take you to the bus, assist you if needed, and meet you at the other end of your bus trip. All Island Transit buses are wheelchair accessible and as comfortable as our Paratransit buses, and the operators are just as helpful. In fact, some of our operators drive both fixed route and Paratransit.

HOW MANY RIDES AM I ALLOWED? There is no limit to the number of trip requests per person within the service area. However, you must book them ahead, so that we can schedule the Operator enough time between destinations.

WHAT IS THE SERVICE AREA? The Paratransit Service Area will operate on the corridor structure of 3/4ths of a mile to either side of the regular fixed route service. New applicants that are certified eligible must come in-bounds to an approved transfer location in order to recieve service.

DO I NEED TO CANCEL MY TRIP? Yes, you need to cancel your trip! Please call the office as soon as you know you will not need the trip but at least two hours before your pick up time to cancel your trip. A pattern of "no shows" or late cancellations could result in suspension of service.

WHAT IS A "NO SHOW"? A "no show" is scheduling a trip and then not being there when the Operator arrives to pick you up.

WHAT IS A LATE CANCEL? A late cancel is not notifying dispatch at least two hours prior to your pick up time that you no longer require the trip.

WHAT DOES SUSPENSION OF SERVICE MEAN? Island Transit has made a commitment to provide specialized transportation services for those eligible persons within the service area. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate various needs. There are occasions, however, when the use of Island Paratransit is abused by individual riders. When this occurs on a repeated basis, it may be necessary to deny service to those individuals.

CRITERIA FOR DENYING SERVICE: Service may be denied using the following criteria:

NO SHOWS: Not being ready to depart, or not being there when the driver arrives. It is policy that an atypical increase of "No Shows" or "Late Cancellations" that exceed the system average can result in a suspension of service. However, trips missed by a person for reasons beyond their control shall not be applied toward suspension of service.

UNRULY BEHAVIOR: Behavior which presents danger to the health or safety of other riders or an Island Paratransit employee. Such behavior includes conduct which is violent, seriously disruptive or illegal.

WHAT APPEALS PROCESS IS AVAILABLE? If a decision has been made to deny service, the notice of denial sent to the person will include specific reasons for the denial and the procedures for appealing the decision. You may appeal this decision by notifying this office in writing within 60 days after the notification of denial. No service need be provided while the appeal is heard.


For More Information Contact:

Dee Wells, Specialized Services Coordinator

FAX: (360) 544-3710 / Email: dwells @islandtransit.org

Main Office (360) 678-7771 /  Toll Free: (800) 240-8747.  Press "0" and ask for Dee