Vanpool Ridematch

Our computerized ridematching service allows you to find other commuters who want to join a carpool or vanpool. Commuters are matched by where they live, their destination, and work schedule. When you apply for a ridematch, a list of others looking to share the ride will be shown. If you find an established vanpool, all you have to do is call the contact number for that group to see if there is a seat available. If no vanpools are available, you might find other interested persons looking to commute. Call those contact numbers to start a carpool or a new vanpool. In addition, your information will be added to the regional data base of over 18,000 commuters willing to share the ride.

To Access this service click on the link below:

Tips for registering in

  1. Register
  2. Validate email address
  3. Log in to account
  4. Go to Ridematch on the menu bar, select "Create A Trip"
  5. Enter your comute trip, you set the parameters
  6. Select "Find Matches"
  7. Contact Vanpool Manager or person seeking a Rideshare


If you are unable to access the link above or you do not have access to a computer, please call: 

(360) 678-7771 press option 1 for Whidbey Island then option 3 for Vanpool
(800) 240-8747 

  and ask for a Rideshare Coordinator

(360) 544-3710 fax

Download a RIDER'S WANTED poster or a VANPOOL STARTING  poster to assist in rider recruitement.

Mailing address: 19758 SR 20, Coupeville, WA 98239