Transit Parks and Park & Ride Lots


Click here for a map of Island County's Park and Ride lots

The following Park & Ride lots provide FREE all-day parking while you take the bus, or ride with your vanpool or carpool to and from your destination:

Whidbey Island

  1. Clinton Park & Ride, SR 525 & Deer Lake Rd. Serves Bus Routes 1, 7, 58 (behind Clinton Post Office).

  2. Langley Noble Creek Transit Park, Camano Ave. Serves Bus Routes 7, 58 (across the street from Island County Fair Grounds).

  3. Bayview Park & Ride, SR 525 & Bayview Rd. Serves Bus Routes 1, 7, 58. 

  4. Freeland Park & Ride, SR 525 & Woodard, Trinity Lutheran Church, Serves Bus Route 1. 

  5. Greenbank Park & Ride, SR 525 & Bakken Rd. Serves Bus Route 1 (behind the Greenbank Store).

  6. Coupeville Prairie Station Transit Park, 201 S. Main St. Serves Bus Routes 1, 6.
  7. Oak Harbor Park & Ride, SR 20 & Hoffman Rd. Serves Bus Route 411W (next to Liberty Market).
  8. Soundview Shopper Park & Ride, SR 20 & Troxell Rd. Serves Bus Route 411W.


Camano Island

  1. Terry's Corner Park & Ride, North Camano Dr. & Sunrise Blvd. Serves all Camano Island Bus Routes.

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