Transit Parks and Park & Ride Lots


Click here for a map of Island County's Park and Ride lots

The following Park & Ride lots provide FREE all-day parking while you take the bus, or ride with your vanpool or carpool to and from your destination:

Whidbey Island

  1. Clinton Park & Ride, SR 525 & Deer Lake Rd. Serves Bus Routes 1,7,8. (behind Clinton Post Office)

  2. Langley Noble Creek Transit Park, Camano Ave. Serves Bus Routes 5 (on request),7,8. (across the street from Island County Fair Grounds)

  3. Bayview Park & Ride, SR 525 & Bayview Rd. Serves Bus Routes 1,7,8. 

  4. Freeland Park & Ride, SR 525 & Woodard, Trinity Lutheran Church, Serves Bus Rt 1. 

  5. Greenbank Park & Ride, SR 525 & Bakken Rd. Serves Bus Route 1 (behind the Greenbank Store)

  6. Coupeville Prairie Station Transit Park, 201 S. Main St. Serves Bus Routes 1,6.
  7. Oak Harbor Park & Ride, SR 20 & Hoffman Rd. Serves Bus Routes 4,411-W. (next to Liberty Market)
  8. Soundview Shopper Park & Ride, SR 20 & Troxell Rd. Serves Bus Routes 4,411-W.


Camano Island

  1. Terry's Corner Park & Ride, North Camano Dr. & Sunrise Blvd. Serves all Camano Island Bus Routes.

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